Our General Volunteer Schedule is now full for 2024.

THANK YOU to everyone who signed up to volunteer, we appreciate your dedication to Pickin in the Pines! For anyone still interested in volunteering, please click below to join the Volunteer waitlist.
Thank you!

Our festival runs on volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Pickin’ in the Pines. You must be 18 years or older to volunteer at Pickin in the Pines. Every volunteer must fill out our volunteer sign up sheet to volunteer.

  • Signup available June 1, 2024 for returning volunteers. Returning volunteers will be emailed a password to signup.
  • Signup available July 1, 2024 AT 10:00 AM for new volunteers. No password will be need to signup starting July 1st.

Volunteers work a minimum of two 4-hour shifts in exchange for a 3-day festival pass. This does NOT including camping.

Volunteer Information and Sign Up

*Please read the information on this page first, then click the button at the bottom of the page to sign up

Pre-Signup Information

Volunteering at Pickin in the Pines requires physical activity including standing, walking, and some lifting. Respect your limitations and read the volunteer job descriptions below. Please only sign up to volunteer after reading through this page to make sure volunteering is a good fit for you.

You will sign up for two 4-hour and 15 minute shifts (approximately 8.5 hours total), in exchange for one 3-day festival pass. Morning, afternoon, or evening/closing shifts are available. There are a few positions before and after the festival. Please see job descriptions for more details.

What it means to be a volunteer at Pickin’ in the Pines

Why are volunteers, affectionately called “Team Bluegrass,” invaluable to the Festival?

Every September thousands of music lovers from far and wide join the Flagstaff community for the best music festival in Arizona. Some of those friendly folks decide to share their enthusiasm by volunteering, enhancing the experience of all who attend. The Festival succeeds because of individuals like you, individuals who chose to spend their time and effort on this dream. Without volunteers, there would be no festival.

Benefits of Volunteering

Your commitment to volunteering (8.5 hours) will earn you a free weekend pass to the Festival. Camping is not included when you volunteer. If you are accepted as a volunteer and would like to camp at Fort Tuthill during the Festival, please read the camping information before applying and see additional camping instructions and pricing towards the bottom of this page.


You are eligible if you are 18 or older and can commit to the volunteering requirements. There are a limited number of volunteer slots. First priority will be given to returning volunteers who received a good report from a team director in previous years. Second priority will be given to those who sign up earlier rather than later, so get your submission in! The festival staff reserve the right to decline volunteer assignments to any individual.

Volunteer Commitment

Commitment is essential—we are a team and rely on each other to be on time with a smile, and to be ready, willing and able to perform the required tasks.

The standard volunteer requirement is that you work two, 4-hour and 15 minute shifts (total 8.5 hours) during/before/after the Festival, as assigned by the Festival volunteer management staff. You will be able to select job and time preferences on the signup form. There are fewer opportunities on days before and after the Festival. You are expected to be at your shift post 15 minutes in advance of the stated shift start time.

Volunteer Expectations

Rarely do we encounter anyone at a traditional music festival who is not friendly, cheerful and courteous! We find it easy to show our best face while on duty. The following ground rules help us continue the tradition:

  • You represent the Festival while on duty and while wearing a volunteer t-shirt (including before and after the music is playing)
  • During the Festival weekend, wear your volunteer shirt only when on duty (bring or wear another shirt underneath).
  • Be at your post 15 minutes prior to shift start to give the captain and/or the previous shift’s volunteers the opportunity to orient you.
  • Be sober before and during your shifts.
  • Smile! It is a privilege to volunteer for this festival. Share the excitement!
  • Abide by the Festival’s rules and policies
  • Abide by the Pepsi Amphitheater’s rules and regulations.
  • Children may not accompany you during volunteer shifts. We need your full attention during your scheduled volunteer shifts. Of course, they are welcome to join you at the festival and in the campground (if you have purchased camping).

Children of Volunteers

NEW THIS YEARCHILDREN’S TICKETING – Due to capacity regulations of Pepsi Amphitheater all children must be ticketed. Volunteers with children will be allowed to bring two children per adult to the festival free of charge (this includes camping). If you have additional children (over the two allowed for free), you will be required to purchase a festival pass for $30 for each additional child. A child is considered anyone between the ages of 3 through the age of 14. Anyone 15 years of age and older must purchase a festival pass and/or festival pass with camping. Please indicate the number of children you are bringing to the festival on the volunteer information sign-up page.

PLEASE NOTE: Children are not allowed to accompany a volunteer during their shift. If you are volunteering and bringing a child or children to the festival, you must plan for them to be supervised by another adult during your volunteer shift.

Volunteer Shift Timing

Most but not all individual shifts are 4 hours and 15 minutes long. Most volunteers work two, non-consecutive shifts. There are three shifts to choose from:
Sometimes a shift might go long or end early for various reasons. We have noted odd shift times, where currently known, under the Job descriptions, below. (Occasionally a shift time needs to be modified at the last minute. We appreciate your flexibility if this happens to your shift.)

Volunteer Jobs

You will be able to sign up for your shifts when you submit your SignUp Genius form. We prefer volunteers to select shifts in the same area (i.e. two shifts in the Campground). Below are short explanations of the duties and expectations of each. (Occasionally, we will need to change a volunteer’s job to one they did not request, due to unpredictable circumstances. If this happens, we would appreciate your understanding.)

This team is responsible for festival equipment setup and takedown in the amphitheater. Duties include assisting the Amphitheater Facilities Director with setting up festival canopies, arranging folding chairs, hanging banners, and general festival support as needed. 

EXPECTATIONS: This job requires physical labor. Amphitheater Facilities Director will specify other duties as needed.

This team is responsible for a variety of duties within the campgrounds. To be an effective member of this team, flexibility, multitasking and working at a fast pace is essential. You will assist with setup, monitoring, and cleanup of campgrounds. You will check-in campers, assist campers in finding their campsites, direct campers to the box office to obtain their festival/camping wristband, inform campers there is a complementary shuttle running between the campground and the amphitheater, and answer general questions. The campground Directors and Day Captains will specify daily responsibilities and other duties.

EXPECTATIONS: You must be able to walk a short distance and stand for your 4-hour shift. You must be kind, responsible, and approachable.

Greet attendees, ensure that they are wearing the proper wristband before they enter the amphitheater. This is the main entrance to the festival and sets the tone of a friendly event. This position is for people who can work quickly with a smile. 

EXPECTATIONS: You must be able to stand for your 4-hour shift, be kind, responsible, and approachable while calmly standing firm in your direction and remaining at your post until relieved.

This team will assist the Facilities Asset Director with loading and transporting supplies from the storage unit to the Amphitheater, Campground, and festival areas within Ft. Tuthill, as well as setting up festival canopies, and general festival support as needed. Monday shifts are available for the return of festival supplies to the storage unit.

EXPECTATIONS: This job requires physical labor. Facilities Asset Director will specify other duties as needed.

This team is available to fill in for volunteer shortages in all volunteer areas as needed. 

EXPECTATIONS: You must be able to walk a short distance and stand for your shift.  Some physical labor may be required.

This team is responsible for providing a fun and safe atmosphere for children. Volunteers will assist children and their families with pre-planned arts & crafts projects and face painting. This position is for people who enjoy working with children while providing a safe and fun environment.

EXPECTATIONS: Engage, work with, and play with children. Assist with daily setup and breakdown. The Kids Zone Coordinator will specify duties.

This position is responsible for selling raffle tickets for the Pickin in the Pines raffle and providing general information about the festival, Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music (FFOTM), and membership. Current FFOTM Members are encouraged to sign up for this position.

EXPECTATIONS: Standing and light physical activity may be necessary. Knowledgeable about the FFOTM organization and PIP festival.

Assist Volunteer Director with volunteer check-in throughout the festival weekend. Additional duties as assigned by Volunteer Director.

EXPECTATIONS: Some standing may be required for this position.

Assist Volunteer Director with set up for volunteer meeting and distribute volunteer t-shirts utilizing a volunteer list to accurately account for volunteer shirts. Additional duties as assigned by Volunteer Director. Some lifting is required to transport t-shirts, table, and chairs to volunteer meeting location.

EXPECTATIONS: Some physical labor and lifting are required to help transport t-shirts, tables, and chairs to volunteer meeting location, some standing may be required.

Volunteer Orientation Meeting:
Thursday, Sept. 12, 2024 at 5:30 pm

The Volunteer Orientation Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 12 at 5:30 pm, located at the festival Workshop Tent located in the Ft. Tuthill Fairgrounds area next to the Commercial Building (you will receive an email with more details and a map). This is a mandatory meeting, PLEASE do everything you can to attend this meeting. This meeting is the first and last pre-Festival, all-volunteer get-together. It is part meet-and-greet, part instruction seminar, part excitement builder, part question-and-answer, and part t-shirt distribution. You will meet with your fellow volunteers, area supervisors and Volunteer Director Marlowe Hage. You will pick up your wristband and sign a volunteer agreement at the box office. Box office days and times will be communicated in a separate email.

What if I cannot attend the Volunteer Orientation Meeting?

PLEASE do everything you can to attend this meeting. Special arrangements will be made for campground volunteers who will already be on duty during the meeting. If you are absolutely unable to attend, please let your area supervisor know via phone or email and they will coordinate with you, and notify the volunteer supervisors via email at volunteer@pickininthepines.org so that they know to train you when you arrive.

If you cannot attend, you must make sure you visit the Volunteer Check-in table at the Festival Entrance (identified on a map you will receive) at least 1 hour in advance of your first volunteer shift (or your first entrance into the amphitheater). The relevant information, for your shift and volunteer t-shirt will be provided to you there.

Cancellation of Volunteer Commitment

If you are not sure you can commit to volunteering, do not submit a signup form. If you find you absolutely need to cancel your commitment to the Festival, please do so as soon as humanly possible. Volunteer cancellations are extremely inconvenient for the Festival staff. If something unexpected requires you to cancel your volunteer commitment, please IMMEDIATELY respond to an email sent to you by one of the scheduling staff or call them directly. Also, if you cancel at the last minute you may not be eligible to volunteer at future festivals.

Camping for Volunteers

Volunteer camping is offered for tent camping only and only in the Group South Campground. Volunteer camping does not include family members and friends who are not volunteering. Please plan ahead and purchase a Group South Campground festival pass for your family and friends who do not wish to volunteer. The volunteer camping fee is $55.00 per volunteer.

Vehicle passes for the Group South Campground are not available for volunteer camping. There is plenty of free parking in the parking lot adjacent to the campground. Volunteer camping is available for 4 nights only: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Check-out is on Monday at 11:00 am. If you sign up for a shift earlier in the week you can purchase a campsite in the Ft. Tuthill Campground for any number of nights prior to Thursday and move to the Group South Campground on Thursday at noon. Please visit this website to make your reservation.

Volunteer camping does not include RV or small trailer camping. RV Campground sites include two 3-day festival passes and sell out soon after tickets go on sale each year in March. If you need an RV Campground site and want to volunteer, you must purchase an RV Campground site on your own. You will be refunded the 3-day festival portion of your RV Campground site cost after you complete your required shifts. Campground descriptions can be found at pickininthepines.org/camping.

Volunteer camping is $55.00.

Camping fees for volunteers in the Group South Campground are due by September 1, 2024.

Send check or money order for $55 to:
Pickin’ in the Pines
Attn: Camping
PO Box 23701
Flagstaff, AZ 86002
*Include your first and last name in the memo
The fee for Volunteer camping is for 4 nights, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will be eligible to pick up your festival/camping wristband at the box office once you have paid for camping.

Other PIP Volunteering FAQs

Here are some questions you might like answered before you apply. Specific questions about the festival weekend and your specific volunteer responsibilities will be addressed closer to festival time.

Volunteers can park in the main festival grounds parking lot, the parking lot adjacent to the Navajo Ramada or across the road from the Navajo Ramada. Parking is free.

Even if you arrive early, do not park in the Premium parking lot near the amphitheater, the parking spaces in this lot are pre-sold. Also, do not park in the Handicap designated parking lot nearest the Box Office unless you have an ADA Parking Permit.

(You will receive more information on preparedness closer to the Festival.) Bring a water bottle – water is available at the fill station in the amphitheater and light volunteer snacks are provided. Also, BE PREPARED – check the weather in case you may need a rain jacket, hat, sunscreen or warm clothing. However, there is not a designated place to put your extra stuff so please try to keep your items to a minimum and keep anything you need on your person.

Volunteers camping at the Festival purchase their camping passes separately from the general public. Read the Camping section, above.

Please contact volunteer@pickininthepines.org IMMEDIATELY. After the Festival is over and you have satisfactorily completed your shifts we will refund the 3-day festival pass portion of your ticket.

This may happen and if it does we ask that you be flexible and be a true Team Bluegrass player. Be open to the possibility of being part of something you were not expecting. Embrace change; it’s a good thing!

We always need to contact our volunteers before the festival with questions, information, and of course your volunteer schedule. If we can’t contact you, we can’t schedule you, and we can’t give you a festival pass. The addition of a mailing address is useful in emergency situations, in returning lost items, and it lets us know where you are coming from. We will NEVER share any information you provide to anyone except the volunteer supervisors, and, if necessary, to emergency medical professionals. You are welcome to unsubscribe from any post-event emails you receive from PIP/FFOTM.

Final Words
We appreciate and thank you for your interest in volunteering at Pickin in the Pines!
The Pickin in the Pines Management Team


Our General Volunteer Schedule is now full for 2024.

THANK YOU to everyone who signed up to volunteer, we appreciate your dedication to Pickin in the Pines! For anyone still interested in volunteering, please click below to join the Volunteer waitlist.
Thank you!

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