CHECK OUT IS BY 11:00 AM ON MONDAY, 9/16/24.

  1. You must be wearing a 3-day festival with camping wristband to enter the campground.
  2. Above all, please be respectful of your fellow campers. We are all here to have fun.
  3. Be aware that acoustic music is played around the clock in the campground, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. Please join in the fun and enjoy the jamming.
  4. Drumming and amplified music including radios, CD players, etc. either in vehicles or outdoors that can be heard by any other camper are not allowed in the campground to facilitate a live music jamming culture.
  5. On arrival you will proceed to the campground entrance to check in with proof of purchase. You will obtain your wristband and vehicle pass at the main box office at the amphitheater. All vehicles in the campground must display a vehicle pass and all campers must wear their 3 day festival and camping wristband at all times.
  6. All people age 15 and over who enter the campground must have a 3-day festival & camping pass.
  8. In the case of windy and/or dry conditions, a “No Fire” restriction will be imposed and remain in effect until it is deemed safe to allow campfires. All campfires are restricted to existing designated fire pits and shall be no larger than two (2) feet in height. CAMPFIRES MUST BE ATTENDED TO BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES and must be extinguished prior to retiring for the night and/or by midnight. Campfires must be fully extinguished prior to vacating the campsite.
  9. If there are not fire restrictions, firewood will be available for purchase from the campground host. Please use existing fire rings for fires, do not make new fire rings. You may bring your own wood, pack it in and pack it out. Do not leave your unused wood in the campground. Campers will only be allowed to bring two personal size firewood bundles into the campground. Wood cutting in the park is prohibited.
  10. Non-service pets are not allowed in the amphitheater therefore in the best interest of your pet, we recommend you leave your pets at home.
  11. Dogs are no longer allowed in the Group South or Group North Campgrounds. Dogs are allowed in the RV, Main, West and Brigade Campgrounds. The following campground dog policies remain in place for the RV, Main, West and Brigade Campgrounds:
    1. You will be required to register your dog when you check in at the campground. You will be given a collar for your dog that will include your name, phone number and campground location.
    2. Please understand dogs are never allowed to be loose anywhere in Ft. Tuthill County Park, including all campgrounds.
    3. DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH AND UNDER CONTROL AT ALL TIMES – NO EXCEPTIONS. If your dog is found to be loose in the campground you will be asked to vacate your campsite with no refund. Leaving dogs unattended in the campground is prohibited.
    4. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING UP YOUR DOGS WASTE; failure to do so will result in your removal from the campground.
  12. Disorderly conduct, visible drug use, public drunkenness or underage drinking WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone appearing intoxicated or displaying disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the campground.
  13. No fireworks of any kind are permitted at Ft. Tuthill County Park, including in the campground. This restriction includes sparklers and flaming batons.
  14. Campers must keep all camping equipment within their designated campsite. Campers must keep campsites clean and orderly and no trash may be deposited in fire pits.
  15. Generators are allowed in the RV Park from designated hours, check with the camp host at the check-in tent.
  16. Please observe all vehicle speed limits to avoid raising dust in the campground.
  17. Each campground will have porte-potties. Trash receptacles and recycle containers are located just outside the campground entrances.
  18. Please help us leave the campground as clean as or cleaner than it was when you arrived.
  19. Showers are located in the fairground “quad” area.