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Pre-Application Information

This page explains the volunteer application process as well as the who, why, what, how, and when of volunteering. We want you to be informed and prepared so please read this in its entirety prior to submitting an application. The link to the application can be found at the bottom of this page.

What it means to be a volunteer at Pickin’ in the Pines

Why are volunteers, affectionately called “Team Bluegrass,” invaluable to the Festival?

Every September thousands of music lovers from far and wide join the Flagstaff community for the best music festival in Arizona. Some of those friendly folks decide to share their enthusiasm by volunteering, enhancing the experience of all who attend. The Festival succeeds because of individuals like you, individuals who chose to spend their time and effort on this dream. Pickin’ in the Pines is planned by Festival Directors Linda Mack and Teresa Wayne. Without volunteers, there would be no festival.

Benefits of Volunteering

Your commitment to volunteering (8.5 hours) will earn you a free weekend pass to the Festival. The Festival does not pay for volunteer camping, but if you are accepted as a volunteer and would like to camp at Fort Tuthill during the Festival, please read the camping information before applying and see additional camping instructions and pricing towards the bottom of this page. Volunteer camping is available in the Group South Campground only and does not include RV camping. RV Campground sites include two 3-day festival passes and sell out soon after tickets go on sale each year in March. If you need an RV Campground site and want to volunteer you must purchase an RV Campground site on your own. You will be refunded the 3-day festival portion of your RV Campground site cost after you complete your required shifts.


You are eligible if you are 18 or older and can commit to the volunteering requirements. Write us a note in your application if you have any special requirements (e.g., need to sit, not stand; no physical labor). There are a limited number of volunteer slots. First priority will be given to returning volunteers who received a good report from a crew director in previous years. Second priority will be given to those who sign up earlier rather than later, so get your application in! The festival staff reserve the right to decline volunteer help to any individual.

Volunteer Commitment

Commitment is essential—we are a team and rely on each other to be on time with a smile, and to be ready, willing and able to perform the required tasks.

The standard volunteer requirement is that you work two, 4-hour and 15 minute shifts (total 8:30 hours) during/before/after the Festival, as assigned by the Festival volunteer management staff. You will be able to select job and time preferences is the application. There are fewer opportunities on days before and after the Festival. You are expected to be at your shift post 15 minutes in advance of the stated shift start time.

Volunteer Expectations

Rarely do we encounter anyone at a traditional music festival who is not friendly, cheerful and courteous! We find it easy to show our best face while on duty. The following ground rules help us continue the tradition:

  • You represent the Festival while on duty and while wearing a volunteer t-shirt (including before and after the music is playing)
  • During the Festival weekend, wear your volunteer shirt only when on duty (bring or wear another shirt underneath).
  • Be at your post 15 minutes prior to shift start to give the captain and/or the previous shift’s volunteers the opportunity to orient you.
  • Be sober before and during your shifts.
  • Smile! It is a privilege to volunteer for this festival. Share the excitement!
  • Abide by the Festival’s rules and policies
  • Abide by the Pepsi Amphitheater’s rules and regulations.

Volunteer Shift Timing

Most but not all individual shifts are 4 hours and 15 minutes long. Most volunteers work two, non-consecutive shifts. There are three shifts to choose from:
Sometimes a shift might go long or end early for various reasons. We have noted odd shift times, where currently known, under the Job descriptions, below. (Occasionally a shift time needs to be modified at the last minute. We appreciate your flexibility if this happens to your shift.)

Volunteer Jobs

You will be able to sign up for your shifts when you submit your SignUp Genius form. We prefer volunteers to select shifts in the same area (i.e. two shifts with Amphitheater). Below are short explanations of the duties and expectations of each. (Occasionally, we will need to change a volunteer’s job to one they did not request, due to unpredictable circumstances. If this happens, we would appreciate your understanding.)

Your team is responsible for selling the Artists’ merchandise.

EXPECTATIONS: great customer service, sales, attention to detail, accurate accounting of all transactions and inventory, ability to operate an iPad for credit card transactions. Your Crew Director will specify other duties.

This team is responsible for a vast array of duties within the campgrounds. In order to be an effective member of this crew, flexibility, multitasking and working at a fast pace is absolutely essential.

EXPECTATIONS: Setup, monitoring, and cleanup of campgrounds. You will check-in campers using reservations lists, inform campers that they will exchange their ticket for a wristband at the box office located at the amphitheater, remind campers there is a complementary shuttle running between the campground and the amphitheater for their convenience, assist campers in finding their campsites, inform campers there is a complimentary (donations accepted) shower trailer located on the Ft. Tuthill fairgrounds and answer general questions. Your Crew Director will specify daily responsibilities and other duties.

SHIFTS: A/B/C shifts on Thursday through Sunday; a Monday cleanup shift from 8am-12pm.

This team welcomes and interacts with Festival-goers, sponsors, vendors, and special guests.

EXPECTATIONS: prior PIP volunteer experience, excellent customer service skills, be patient, courteous, and kind. Pre-Festival review of the PIP website, the Festival Program, artists, and other Festival information provided to you. Your Crew Director will specify daily responsibilities and any other duties.

SHIFTS: A/B/C on Fri, Sat, Sun.

This team is responsible for preparation and maintenance before, during and after the festival. Duties include assisting the Facilities Coordinators with loading and transporting supplies from the storage unit to the Amphitheater, Campground and the Commercial Building at Ft. Tuthill, setting up festival canopies, arranging folding chairs in the amphitheater, hanging banners, emptying trash and recycle bins during the festival and general festival support as needed.

EXPECTATIONS: This job requires physical labor. Facility Coordinators will specify other duties as needed.

SHIFTS: are Wednesday and Thursday for set-up, throughout the festival weekend and Monday for take-down and return of festival supplies to storage unit.

This team is responsible for sales of festival merchandise and is an information hub for Pickin in the Pines.

EXPECTATIONS: Pre-Festival review of website and program. Sales, accurate accounting, keeping the booth neat and orderly and answering questions. Ability to operate ipad for credit card transactions. Your Crew Director will specify other duties.

SHIFTS: A/B/C on Fri, Sat, Su

Based inside the Amphitheater, this crew supplies attendees with general festival information, membership and benefits information about the Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music (PIP’s parent organization), and also sells raffle tickets. Preference given to FFOTM members. Your Crew Director will specify other duties.

SHIFTS: A/B/C on Fri, Sat, Sun.

This team is responsible for providing a fun and safe atmosphere for children on Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers will spend the day doing pre-planned craft projects with children.

EXPECTATIONS: Engage, work with and play with children. Daily setup and breakdown. Your Crew Director will specify other duties.

SHIFTS: This post has unique shift times: Saturday and Sunday, 9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm.

Direct vehicles and maintain smooth traffic flow to the general parking lot, handicapped parking lot and VIP parking areas. General parking and handicapped parking is free, there is a fee for VIP parking.

This position requires two 3-hours shifts for a total of 6 hours (instead of 8 for other positions). 

Volunteers report to the Entrance volunteer booth before starting their shifts.

This volunteer team is responsible for the overall safety and well being of all guests and performers in and around the amphitheater. The team communicates festival guidelines and partners with the professional security team to resolve conflicts and insure a safe environment. The team may also assist with seating and accommodations for the physically impaired and/or other guests.

EXPECTATIONS: As a Safety volunteer, you must be visible, kind, responsible, and approachable while calmly standing firm in your direction and remaining at your post until relieved.

SHIFTS: A/B/C on Fri, Sat, Sun.

These individuals are responsible for providing workshop and Festival performance information to attendees. Will monitor artist’s arrival in advance of their performance, keep tally of workshop attendees, and other duties as assigned by the Crew Director.

EXPECTATIONS: communications skills, festival/artist knowledge.

SHIFTS: non-standard times on Saturday and Sunday.

Volunteer Orientation Meeting:
Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022 at 5:30 pm

The Volunteer Orientation Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 15 at 5:30 pm, located at the parking lot closest to the amphitheater at Ft. Tuthill County Park (you will receive an email with more details and a map). This is a mandatory meeting, PLEASE do everything you can to attend this meeting. This meeting is the first and last pre-Festival, all-volunteer get-together. It is part meet-and-greet, part instruction seminar, part excitement builder, part question-and-answer, and part wristband and t-shirt distribution. You will meet with your fellow volunteers, Volunteer Director Anna Good and Volunteer Supervisor Anthony Hessel.

What if I cannot attend the Volunteer Orientation Meeting?

PLEASE do everything you can to attend this meeting. Special arrangements will be made for campground volunteers who will already be on duty during the meeting. If you are absolutely unable to attend, please let your section head know via phone or email and they will coordinate with you, and notify the volunteer supervisors via email at volunteer@pickininthepines.org so that they know to train you when you arrive.

If you cannot attend, you must make sure you visit the Volunteer Table at the Festival Entrance (identified on a map you will receive) at least 1 hour in advance of your first volunteer shift (or your first entrance into the amphitheater, since you won’t have your festival pass yet). The relevant information, wristband, and volunteer t-shirt will be provided to you there.

Cancellation of Volunteer Commitment

If you are not sure you can commit, do not submit an application. If you find you absolutely need to cancel your commitment to the Festival, please do so as soon as humanly possible. Volunteer cancellations are extremely inconvenient for the Festival staff. If something unexpected requires you to cancel your volunteer commitment, please IMMEDIATELY respond to an email sent to you by one of the scheduling staff or call them directly. Also, if you cancel at the last minute you may not be eligible to volunteer at future festivals.

Camping for Volunteers

If you are a volunteer and you plan to camp you must purchase a camping pass for $50. We have reserved plenty of volunteer camping in the South Group Campground. Even if the campground is sold out to the general public you will still be able to purchase camping. (Please note that this does not include a vehicle pass. Vehicle passes are sold out. There is plenty of free parking outside the campground.) Camping descriptions can be found at pickininthepines.org/camping.

Camping fees for volunteers in the Group South Campground are due by September 1, 2022.
Send check or money order for $50 to:
Pickin’ in the Pines
Attn: Camping
PO Box 23701
Flagstaff, AZ 86002
*Include your first and last name in the memo
The fee for Volunteer camping is for 4 nights, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Once you have paid for camping you will pick up your festival/camping wristband at the box office.

Other PIP Volunteering FAQs

Here are some questions you might like answered before you apply. Specific questions about the festival weekend and your specific volunteer responsibilities will be addressed closer to festival time.

All volunteers are expected to park in the main festival grounds parking lot. Parking is free.

(You will receive more information on preparedness closer to the Festival.) Bring a water bottle – water is available throughout the venue, and snacks will be available at the volunteer check-in station. Also, BE PREPARED – check the weather in case you may need a rain jacket, hat, sunscreen or warm clothing. However, there is not a designated place to put your extra stuff so please try to keep your items to a minimum and keep anything you need on your person.

Volunteers camping at the Festival purchase their camping passes separately from the general public. Read the Camping section, above.

Please contact admin@ffotm.org IMMEDIATELY. After the Festival is over and you have satisfactorily completed your shifts we will refund the 3-day festival pass portion of your ticket.

This may happen and if it does we ask that you be flexible and be a true Team Bluegrass player. Be open to the possibility of being part of something you were not expecting. Embrace change; it’s a good thing!

We always need to contact our volunteers before the festival with questions, information, and of course your volunteer schedule. If we can’t contact you, we can’t schedule you, and we can’t give you a festival pass. The addition of a mailing address is useful in emergency situations, in returning lost items, and it lets us know where you are coming from. We will NEVER share any information you provide to anyone except the volunteer supervisors, and, if necessary, to emergency medical professionals. You are welcome to unsubscribe from any post-event emails you receive from PIP/FFOTM.

Get a friend to get online and submit the form at the bottom of the page (not the volunteer application) and include your name and phone number. We will call you and get you registered.

Please email volunteer@pickininthepines.org

Final Words
We are grateful for your interest in volunteering at the Festival. Thank you!
–Linda & Teresa
Pickin’ in the Pines Organizing Committee


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*If the area you are interested in volunteering in is not listed on the main volunteer SignUp Genius form (button above) and you are interested in volunteering for a different section, please email volunteer@pickininthepines.org and the appropriate area coordinator(s) will be in contact with you.

This does not guarantee acceptance to that area, and if your requested area’s schedule has been filled, you are welcome to sign up on the main SignUp Genius form for one of the other available sections.

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